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About Us


Los Angeles Adventist Discoveryland is a private, Christian preschool located in South Central Los Angeles. It was established in 2005 under the leadership of Mrs. Jacqueline Galbreath, affectionately called Teacher Jacquie. She had a strong passion to see children learn and enjoy learning. She was a fun loving teacher whom all the children and parents loved. She retired in June of 2017 and will be greatly missed. 

It is our desire to nurture each child’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and cognitive development giving them a strong foundation for learning today and in the future. We also want to encourage a strong family and school partnership that will bring about a positive learning experience for each child and make them a productive, caring citizen. 

"The program surpassed our expectations! My child was not able to pronounce words let alone speak in complete sentences. Today he speaks fluently, is reading, at what I believe to be an advanced level, and he can add! son is prepared for Kindergarten."

~Jessica V. 

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